Kenya Festivals

Event: Jamhuri Day (Independence Day)
Date: December 12

Jamhuri is a Swahili word means republic and Jamhuri Day also known as Independence Day in Kenya . It is a national holiday in Kenya celebrated on 12th December everywhere. Jamhuri Day had a historical significance in Kenya. On this day people celebrate with great pomp and show, had speeches, parades,feasts and dancing.

Event: International Camel Derby Festival
Date: August Or September

It is one of the most exciting festivals celebrated in Kenya. This festival includes an annual camel racing. It is held either in August and September in the northern region of Kenya where climate is favorable for camels. The International Camel Derby festival is so famous that it attracts a large number of tourists everywhere. The festival gives a glimpse of Kenya`s art, culture, color etc. The International Camel Derby festival held continues from 1990.

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