Main Attraction

Masai Mara National Reserve


Masai Mara is the northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park game reserve in Tanzania. It has been named after Maasai people who were inhabitants of this area. Masai Mara is one of the best reserves in the Africa. It is popular for wildebeest migration, varied types of birds, open air, etc for which tourists attracts to this place every year. The Masai Mara is also famous for annual migration of Zebra, big cats, Thomson's gazelle, which can be found here in large quantity. Trees and shrubs cover the hills. ”Big Five” can easily found here in Masai Mara. Hippopotami are found here in large number.  Numerous antelopes can be found, including Thomson's and Grant's gazelles, Coke's hartebeests and impalas. Hyena can be spotted easily. Masai Mara is well worth to visit and have fun in hot air ballooning.

 Lake Naivasha Lake Naivasha
The name Naivasha means rough water in Masai. It is a fresh water lake in Kenya. The lake has a surface area of 139 km². It is best place for visiting beautiful scenery and birdlife. Over 400 species of birds can be seen here. Hippo`s are found here immense. Fishing is very popular in Lake Naivasha. Due to this Lake agriculture become prime occupation here with the full support of good soil. The trees are home to Colobus monkeys, beautiful scenery where birds surrounded the sky makes Lake Naivasha a perfect destination for visit.
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